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TermPass Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for use

 1.   Only the person named can travel on this card. It is not transferable. If you are found to be handing your            card to any other person for use - you may lose the privilege to own a Termpass.

 2.   The card is free when you purchase a Termpass however, if you change your mind after ordering it you             will be charged a $10 card cost plus any other administration fees.

 3.   The holder may be required to produce proof of ownership of the pass - i.e. some other form of                             identification.

 4.   This pass is issued for the purpose of travelling to and from school only. The journey must be                               for continuous travel to or from school or the stated destination such as a train station before 6:00pm on           school days only. Broken journeys and travel after 8:00pm may require an additional fare.

 5.   This pass is valid only for the term and number of zones specified.

 6.   If you travel between Kapiti and Porirua and have two Termpasses - you must use the correct pass                    on each service e.g. you cannot use your "Kapiti College" pass on the Paremata Station/Whitby service or         vice versa or you may be charged another fare.

 7.   This pass is not a Smartcard. When you travel on the bus the driver is required to check the pass so                   it must be presented in its entirety.

 8.   Damaged or mutilated passes may not be accepted. Replacement passes are available at a cost of                   $45.00.

 9.   If your pass is lost or stolen please contact us immediately.

 10. Passengers travelling on child fares must not occupy a seat while adults stand.

Important note on re-ordering and cut-off dates:

Unless ordered by Multiserve, existing Termpass holders will receive a reminder at the end of each term to confirm details for the following term and advising the cut-off date for card holders. Please note, cards orders by existing customers after the cut-off date will incur a $45.00 late charge.