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Newlands Coach Services Charter

1. Our Commitment to You

We are Newlands Coach Services and Newland Coach Services.  Our Mission is to provide a high quality, customer focused passenger transport service for the local communities of Porirua, Kapiti, Newlands, Churton Park and Johnsonville.  We work in partnership with the Greater Wellington Regional Council [GWRC] and other public transport service operators to make travelling in Wellington by public transport an attractive choice and as easy as possible to use.


Newlands Coach Services aims to provide a safe, reliable and accessible bus service to our customers in the Wellington region.  Our Customer Charter sets out the standards and targets we plan to achieve and how we will deliver them.


We will:

  • provide an accessible bus service
  • treat everyone equally
  • respond to your enquiries
  • continue to use new technology and modern facilities to improve services for customers.


We continually monitor our progress in achieving our standards and targets.


We welcome any comment you may have regarding this customer charter. We will review our charter annually to ensure it is meeting our customers’ needs.


2. Providing a Quality Service


We aim to provide a reliable service. At least 95% of buses will depart within 5 minutes of their advertised departure time. Buses will not leave their terminus early (unless there is a good safety reason).


Newlands Coach Services will make every effort to operate and maintain services to the scheduled timetable. However, there may be situations beyond our control that will affect the operation of services including road conditions due to severe weather and traffic diversions and disruptions.


We will participate with GWRC in the regular review the bus services. The emphasis will be on improving services where possible in line with customer requirements.


Treating all Customers Equally

Our employees will be polite and helpful to you. Drivers and supervisors will be easily identifiable and will wear the full company uniform.


We are committed to providing a quality service that suits all of our customers as well as promoting equality, accommodating diversity and ensuring non-discrimination for both our employees and our customers.  We will not tolerate any discrimination.


Safety and Security

Your safety and the safety of our employees are very important to us.  You should feel safe and secure using our services.  For your security and the security of our drivers all our buses have CCTV cameras and we have radio telephones for communication between drivers and the depot.


Drivers will consider your safety and comfort when driving.  All our drivers hold professional driving qualifications and have had health and safety training.  We provide continuous training to make sure they meet our standards.  We constantly review driving and learning techniques to enable our drivers to deliver you to your destination safely, on time in a courteous manner and with a comfortable ride.


We regularly review health and safety issues to identify areas for improvement in order to reduce risk to our staff and customers.


Comfort and Cleanliness

We want you to travel in clean, well-presented, accessible, and comfortable buses.  Buses are regularly cleaned inside and out.  Our drivers check their bus before it leaves the depot each day for both safety checks and cleanliness.


Graffiti is removed as soon as possible; if it is offensive the bus will be removed from service until the graffiti is removed.


As part of our regular maintenance programme we inspect our buses to ensure the lighting, heating and ventilation are functioning.


All new buses purchased are air-conditioned, environmentally friendly, and accessible.


3. Providing an Accessible Service

We are committed to helping everyone use our services. As we introduce new buses we are moving towards a fleet where all our buses are

  • low floor and wheelchair accessible
  • have one designated wheelchair space
  • have a kneeling suspension facility and  a deployable ramp.


Service dogs are welcome on our buses.


4. Keeping You Informed


All urban bus timetables are published on the Metlink website:  Printed copies of most timetables are available from our offices, the GWRC office and public libraries.


School bus services can be viewed at:


On the Road

All our buses display a clearly identified route number and destination.  If they are travelling to or from a terminus to start or after ending a trip, they will display “Not in Service”


GWRC provides the real time information system at bus stops as well as via website, twitter and Metlink app. Our depot staff monitor services and drivers communicate any service issues in order that we can liaise with GWRC regarding any problems.


5. How You Can Assist Us

You can assist us in providing a safe and high quality bus service by ensuring that you:

  •  signal the driver in good time that you wish to get on or off the bus
  • allow people off, before you get on
  • have your fare or smartcard ready, tell the driver clearly where you are going and if paying with cash have the exact fare ready if possible
  • retain your ticket for inspection
  • hold the handrails when you stand or move on the bus
  • do not speak to or distract the driver while the bus is moving (unless in an emergency situation)
  • Keep the bus safe and clean by not depositing litter, and keep luggage,  dirty items or shoes off seats, and
  • Don’t bring or carry toxic, inflammable or hazardous materials on board the bus.


Courtesy to Other Passengers

You are asked to recognise the needs of all passengers and in particular you are requested to please:

  • be aware of other passengers and ensure the volume of your headphones or mobile devices is kept to an acceptable level
  • use the luggage space, where provided, and do not leave baggage in the aisles or on seats.



As we aim to provide a service which is comfortable for all our customers, smoking, consuming alcohol and the use of e-cigarettes are prohibited on the bus.


Priority Seating

Please be aware of seating requirements for seniors, young children, pregnant women, people with buggies and people with limited mobility.


Wheelchair users have priority for the wheelchair space over a buggy.  We ask that if the space is occupied, please store the buggy safely in the luggage area and put the child on your lap. If the space is vacant leave your child in the buggy, place the buggy in the open space and hold the buggy as you sit or stand beside it. The driver will ask you to fold the buggy if a wheelchair user wishes to board the bus.


6. Helping the Environment

Buses produce less than half the CO2 emissions per customer kilometre compared to cars, so using the bus instead of a car is good for the environment.


Newlands Coach Services is committed to reducing its emissions by continuing to keep pace with new technologies. We are consistently pursuing policies to ensure that our vehicles comply with the latest European emission standards.


In our depots we follow sustainable practices.


7. Your Feedback

We value your comments. If you have a complaint, a suggestion about how we can improve our service, or want to give positive feedback please contact Metlink through any of the following means:


Telephone:   0800 801 700

When providing feedback, please provide as much detail as possible including:

  • the date and time of travel
  • the bus number
  • the stop where you boarded the bus, or where the place where the event occurred
  • the route number and the direction you were travelling in
  • the driver’s name, or number
  • your contact details.


Your feedback will be treated in a confidential manner.