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Rural Term Passes

Rural Termpass


Rural school bus passes for eligible students

The Ministry of Education provides school transport assistance for students travelling to and from school in rural areas in some cases. Eligibility is dependant on a number of factors including the distance from home to school and the school being attended. For more information on eligibility for school transport assistance refer the Ministry website

Obtaining a Ministry of Education rural school bus pass

 Schools served by the Ministry’s rural school bus services will have a Bus Controller on the staff who can help you determine if your child is eligible for assisted transport. If the Bus Controller determines that your child is eligible for assisted transport they will issue a rural bus pass entitling your child to free travel on the Ministry of Education rural school bus valid for one year.


Rural school bus Mana Term Passes for non-eligible students

Where there is spare capacity on the rural school buses, the Ministry allows non-eligible students to be carried for a fare. Fares and fare products are managed by Mana Coach Services Limited. The fare product currently used for this service is the Mana Term Pass. The Mana Term Pass is issued by Mana and is valid for one school term. The Mana Term Pass is the only fare option available for this service at this time.


Purchasing a rural school bus Mana Term Pass

To purchase a Mana Term Pass simply deposit the required amount into Mana Coach Services Westpac account 03-0547-0664345-00 and email the following details to

 - Your deposit reference

 - Amount deposited

 - Name of student(s)

 - Name of school

 - Mailing address (the pass will be posted to this address)

Terms and Conditions applicable to non-eligible students

Please refer to the following Mana Coach Services and Ministry of Education Terms and Conditions applicable to fare paying (non-eligible) students travelling on Ministry of Education rural school buses.

Mana Coach Services Terms and Conditions

1.0 The pass is non-transferable. Only the person named on the pass may travel on the pass.

2.0 The pass holder may be required to produce additional identification in support of their pass.

3.0 The pass is valid only for travel on MoE rural school buses.

4.0 The pass is valid only for the school term specified on the pass.

5.0 If your pass is lost or stolen please advise Mana Coach Services immediately.

6.0 Mutilated or broken passes will not be accepted.


Ministry of Education Terms and Conditions

1.0 That the schools served by the service have agreed that fare-paying (non-eligible) students may be carried on their service

2.0 No fare-paying (non-eligible) students may travel on MoE Technology Routes

3.0 Fare-paying (non-eligible) students may be carried only provided there is excess seating capacity in the bus after all eligible students have been seated

4.0 Fare-paying (non-eligible) students must pay a fare as set by the bus operator

5.0 Transportation of any fare-paying (non-eligible) student must not delay or compromise the provision of services in any way

6.0 Fare-paying (non-eligible) students must conduct themselves in a responsible and socially acceptable manner at all times

7.0 Fare-paying (non-eligible) students must not bully or harass other students in any way or behave in a manner likely to compromise the safe transport of themselves or other students on the bus

8.0 The bus driver is not permitted to deviate from the prescribed route to pick up or set down any fare-paying (non-eligible) student

9.0 That all fare-paying (non-eligible) students are advised of the conditions of carriage as discussed above, items 1.0 to 8.0


If you have any questions, please contact Mana Coach Services on (04) 478 8315 or email